Week 12 – Ethnography

This week’s assignment was pretty interesting.  We were told to go one night without using any electrical devices.  I chose Thursday night for this.  As someone who lives in a modern society, it’s really strange to withhold from using electronics.  We use them all the time without even thinking about it.  This makes it especially […]

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Week 12 – Artist Conversation

For this week’s artist conversation, I chose to talk about the gallery by Patrick Williams.  There were a lot of really well done galleries this week so it was hard to choose what to write about.  This gallery really caught my attention, however, so I chose to write about this one.  I felt that it’s use […]

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Week 11 – Artist Conversation

This week I chose to do my artist conversation on the gallery by Nichole Borgo.  Nichole’s art is done entirely on ceramic bricks.  Her art usually consists of faces or hand gestures. I feel like the whole exhibit has a very clean, modern look, which in this instance really appealed to me.  I think it’s […]

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Week 10 – Artist Conversation

For this week’s artist conversation, I decided to talk about Amy Duran and her exhibit.  Amy’s exhibit is called Forever by your Side and is one of the most unique I’ve seen.  Here whole exhibit consists of several dioramas that tell one cohesive story.  The story is presented has a fairy tale and involves a young woman […]

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Week 9 – Artist Conversation

I really enjoyed the artwork of the artist I chose this week.  I chose the work of David DeSantis called Day Dreamer.  I think what I like best about it is all the different textures used to create each picture.  David claims that his work is based on a concept called fluid abstract expressionism.  He says […]

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Week 9 – Graffiti Writing

For this week we were supposed to learn about graffiti writing as well as do some ourselves.  I’ve never really practiced graffiti writing so this is sort of my first time.  I was unable to make it out to Venice beach in order to use the graffiti walls, but I still did some at home. […]

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Week 8 – Classmate Conversation

For this week’s conversation, I spoke with Rachael Palmer.  I found out that she is a first year psychology major.   we mostly discussed our majors.  I told her that I’m a third year electrical engineering student and she told me that she’s a psych major.  She said that she finds psychology really interesting and […]

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