Plaster Casting

So for this week’s art activity we did plaster casting at the beach.  I met up with my classmates and professor at the Seal Beach pier in order to get started.  The basic idea of plaster casting is to make a mold of something using wet sand and then filling the cavity full of plaster.  for the most part people were making molds of their hands and feet.  I decided to make a mold of my foot.  Basically, you just dig a small hole and then place the object you want to cast inside.  Then cover it with wet sand and slide the object out.  We mixed our plaster in a bucket with ocean water then poured it into the mold.  After about a half hour the plaster hardens enough to be removed.  Honestly I think it came out really well and would love to try this again!IMG_1341 (1).jpg

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