Week 2 – Landscape With a Corpse

I thought this week’s activity was kind of strange but also very different and intriguing.  It’s title is Landscape With a Corpse and its based off of the work of Ilima Kaoru.  He is a fashion photographer that also takes pictures with a very unique twist.  He photographs models in situations where it looks like they have died.  It’s kind of a strange concept but I believe that it’s to show that life is fragile and can end in just a few moments.  So, I was supposed to make a similar set of pictures of myself for this week.  One picture is far way the other one is closer up.  I took mine of me at the bottom of the stairs.  This is something I’ve always been afraid of.  I live in a two story house and falling down the stairs has always been a fear of mine.  It’s crazy to think how fast your life can be over and i think this project is meant to capture that.

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