Week 3 – Artist Conversation

This week was the first time doing our artist conversation.  We only had one artist this week, Mimi Haddon, so I will talk about her and her exhibit.  This week was a little difficult because Mimi was the only artist and as a result was swamped by people.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to her personally, however I did hear her answer several questions.  Mimi’s art is pretty unique for it is entirely constructed out of  t-shirt sleeves.  I’m going to go over what she had to say about her art, what her exhibit was like, and my opinions.

Mimi said that this particular kind of art started about a year ago for her.  She claims that she gets most of her shirts at a goodwill near her house.  She said that she had gotten the idea for her art from deflated balloons.  She wants it to have a “deflated” look.  She creates unique sculptures and costumes out of her sleeves.  She mentioned that for her costumes, she takes inspiration from indigenous cultures. She said that she is fascinated by color and how colors interact.  She uses color theory in her works.   She likes to bounce around between different projects rather than just have one going at a time.  She also said that she finds it interesting how t-shirts are manufactured and shipped throughout the world.

Mimi had several different sculptures on display.  Ill go through each one that I saw wan will describe them.  The first one I saw was one that had many components secured to a wall.  The wall was about ten feet high and was covered in different bag-like creations, creating a rainbow of colors.  The next was a large cylindrical structure that reached from the floor to the ceiling.  It was curved as it went upward.  The next was more of a pile than a structure.  She had weaved many shirt fibers together to create a colorful rug-like object.  The last one was almost web-like in nature it was a stretched acrid one corner of the room and was covered in polkadots.

Overall I thought her projects were unique and interesting.   I really like her use of bright colors and abstract designs.  I have to agree with her that colors are really captivating.  I also like the stitched together, homemade look of everything.  It’s really neat and interesting what she is creating.



This is the url to her website: http://www.mimihaddon.com


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