Week – Art Care Package

So for this weeks activity I made an art care package for my girlfriend Eileen. She is 19 and she lives in Santa Ana. We don’t see each other as often now that the semester has started and I wanted to send her something to remind her how special she is to me. So I sent her a valentines card attached with a few keepsakes. One picture is from a Photo Booth taken at an arcade in Santa Ana where we went on one of our first dates and the other taken on snapchat that I got printed out. We also keep a sketchbook that we send back and forth so I included that in the ACP. I also included a pair of tickets to the first concert we went to.

Creating the care package brought back a lot of memories that we have shared throughout the course of our relationship. It made me feel really appreciative of my girlfriend and all the good times we shared.

Making this care package is similar to sending a snapchat in the sense that when you receive something from someone you feel surprised and suspenseful of what they sent you. But it is also different in the sense that a package is much more tangible than a snapchat and takes more of an effort to complete.

When it comes to ephemera i believe that somethings can be seen as trash and others as precious depending on your perspective. It also has to do with how you view whats significant and whats not. If I kept a McDonald’s cup from 2002 it would obviously be trash to me, but if Micheal Jackson drank from that McDonalds cup someone might think otherwise.

In my opinion time and effort does make a difference. If someone puts the time and thought about making me something , the feeling i would get would be much more sentimental  than someone sending me a random snapchat. But I also understand how some people don’t have the time to put out something so sometimes snapchats have the advantage of reaching out to someone and it being much more convenient. And I feel like you could get the same type of love that you could get from a physical package. If an old friend of mine reached out to me I think I would appreciate them reaching out to me and that shows effort in rekindling a friendship.img_6053

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