Week 4 – Artist Conversation

I found this week’s artist conversation really interesting.  It was by both Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah.  Their exhibit is called Immaterial and I think that they both take really unique approaches to art processes. Immaterial is the idea that something is unimportant or irrelevant. Both artist send the same message using different ideas and different art practices.

In Elmer Guevara’s art he paints portraits of homeless people that are near his neighborhood.  He went to East LA college and then transferred to Long Beach. He and Nehemiah have been working on their pieces for about 8 months. I believe that Guevara has connected to immaterial to the way people view the homeless. Many people do not care about the well being of the homeless. Guevara does the exact opposite following them and making their portraits and faces shown and to show that they are not unimportant rather the exact he wants to make them feel important.

In Nehemiah’s work it takes a completely different approach to the similar idea. Rather than talking about how people are immaterial he uses materials that people wouldn’t want to use in some of their works. Others might actually find it trash, but Nehemiah uses this to his own advantage. His process starts off with him finding his art work and then finding a subject to paint. He usually paints people he already knows, like his mother or his mentor. Taking something people would call junk and making it into art that is not only beautiful to look at but also personal is actually something I appreciated about his work.

In conclusion I both really enjoyed both of these artists perspectives on immaterial objects. Wether it was the idea that people were unimportant or the canvases these two artists are incredibly talented and definitely got their ideas across.

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