Week 5 – Artist Conversation

I thought that this week’s exhibits were some of the best I’ve seen so far.  But there’s one exhibit that really stood out to me.  That was the one by Katia Swihart.  It wasn’t so much her art that really fascinated me but her reasons for creating it.  Her gallery was appropriately called “Description of a Struggle.”  And as I got information from her, I thought that it was really cool that she has a way to express herself through art.

She says that her art is inspired by the anger suppressed from her childhood.  I was very shocked to hear this because of how colorful they are.  I think its really interesting that she expresses these repressed emotions through so many bright colors. She claims that her conflicted sexuality is also a big source of inspiration.  She says that the colors are what she needs to express the boldness of her feelings.

Her art often combined more than one kind of medium.  One piece really sticks out to me and that’s the one that has a painted canvas covered in knitted patches of cloth.  I think that this is a really visually interesting combination.  It combines two forms of art into one.  she does something similar with a lot of her pieces.  Another one that was pretty stand out was one that consisted of a very brightly colored torn-up mattress that was covered in a multicolored parachute.  There were also torn out comic pages that were stuffed inside it.

This exhibit was the most interesting to me because if I had just seen it without context, I never would have guessed what her inspiration was.  I always think its really intriguing when people use bright colors to convey feelings that are normally conveyed through cool, dark colors.  I think that art thats expressed by emotion can sometimes be the most powerful.


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