Week 6 – Story

One day, the evil genius Arnie Miller is walking down the street when he sees a dog that has been badly injured.  Arnie sees this as an opportunity for one of his experiments.  He takes the dog home and mends its wounds.  But he also does experiments on it.  He installs lasers in its eyes and gives it modified growth hormones.  He monitors the dogs progress and sees that it is making a full recovery as well as growing larger.  Although one day, he goes out to check on its progress and discovers that the dog has broken free. Arnie goes out in search for the dog knowing that it contains immense power.  unfortunately for him, he is unable to locate it.  He wanted to train this dog to be a weapon of his very own.  About a week later he sees his creation on the news.  The dog now known as doge, is wreaking havoc on the city.  The dog has now gained super intelligence and begins destroying the city trying to find Arnie as it now understands that he took advantage of it in its vulnerable state.  Arnie knows that he will be unable to contain doge so he flees.  The military is unable to contain doge’s destructive power.  Now Earth is unified under the new doge regime and the citizens have to bend to doge’s will.IMG_1430-1.JPG

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