Week 6 – Zine

This week’s activity was pretty cool I thought.  Creating a zine is pretty neat because what you draw inside is pretty open ended.  I made the contents of mine video game themed.  I also used full sized pages in order to have plenty of space to draw.  I thought that the zines in the art gallery were really helpful.  I wasn’t sure exactly what i needed to do until i saw them.  That’s where i learned that what should be in a zine is very loosely defined.  Some people made comics out of their zines while others just had a running theme.  One that i though was pretty cool was the one that had drawings of hands that represented different letters of the alphabet in sine language.  I personally love classic video games so i decided to make mine themed after old Nintendo and Sega games.  I used a really thin shoe lace to bind the pages, which i thought worked quite well.

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