Week 7 – Classmate Discussion

This week I met up with Roy Mandanas to do the classmate conversation.  We also decided to see the art galleries together while we were there.  I learned that he’s a freshmen political science major.  I thought this was pretty interesting because I’m so used to talking with engineers considering that I’m in EE.  He said that he lives in Carson which is pretty cool because my dad works out there.  We discussed the classes that we’re taking and as you would imagine we are in very different courses.  I don’t think I’ve really talked to a political science major before so it’s interesting to hear about how their schedules are structured.  He said he’s not sure if he’s going to stay in this major however, but I still think it’s an interesting major.  I’d love to talk more with Roy down the line and see how his major is coming along.IMG_1485

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