Week 7 – Artist Discussion

The gallery I chose this week was pretty interesting. It was called “Doodles in Space.”  It was really neat because it focused on creating imagery in a 3d space rather than 2d drawings.  It is all about contrasting black and white and using unconventional materials.  The two artists are Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitdney Lek.

They said that they wanted to create an exhibit that used perspective in a 3d space.  They wanted to create a room sized exhibit that used black and white objects arranged geometrically throughout the room.  It redefines the definition of the word doodle, which is what they set out to do.  They said that they like the simplicity of the contrast between black and white.

In the exhibit all the walls were covered in black paper.  The pieces were made out of thin white paper and many were suspended from the ceiling.  One wall was covered in toilet seat covers arranged in an interesting pattern.  There were wads of paper all over the place and most things had cool patterns cut into them.

I thought that this exhibit was really interesting because of how different it was in comparison to everything else I saw there.  It was cool just to see the patterns that they achieved through their paper sculptures.  I think their use of 3d space was a really good idea and the contrast of everything made the pieces really stand out.

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