Week 8 – Finger Painting

So I did this week’s art project a little differently.  Instead of using paints that I bought, I made my own out of the oil pastels I already had.  I found that using the pastels mixed with water made for some pretty decent, water color-like paints.  The whole point of the finger painting was to make abstract art, which I did.  The criteria called for at least 3 colors, but I had access to so many that I used much more than that.  Overall I though that this activity was pretty cool just because I think making things abstract is a great way to clear your mind.  I decided to make mine a rainbow of colors because I’ve always been fascinated by how colors blend with each other.  I think the colors came out well and were very vibrant which I like.  Anyway, I thought it was a lot of fun!IMG_1510

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