Week 9 – Artist Conversation

I really enjoyed the artwork of the artist I chose this week.  I chose the work of David DeSantis called Day Dreamer.  I think what I like best about it is all the different textures used to create each picture.  David claims that his work is based on a concept called fluid abstract expressionism.  He says that due to the somewhat abstract nature of his work that its meaning is left up to the audience.

Interestingly, his work is just purely created by using different textures.  He also said that a common theme of his work music.  Basically he says that the rhythm, lyrics, etc help inspire him to create what is rendered visually.  His title Day Dreamer is made to represent the state of mind that he is in when he creates.

His works all contain a unique texture that is used in order to convey a different feeling or idea.  For example, one piece is of beast-like teeth that is drawn out of very thin lines in order to look like it’s made out of hair.  Another piece is of tentacle-like wavy lines that have an almost spongy, charcoal look to them.

Personally I was really struck by how interesting I found his art.  I’ve always been a big fan of exploring different textures in art to create moods.  I think this exhibit was great and I’d love to see more work by David.  I really enjoyed what I saw and I hope other people were as impressed as I am.

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