Week 10 – Artist Conversation

For this week’s artist conversation, I decided to talk about Amy Duran and her exhibit.  Amy’s exhibit is called Forever by your Side and is one of the most unique I’ve seen.  Here whole exhibit consists of several dioramas that tell one cohesive story.  The story is presented has a fairy tale and involves a young woman who feels out of place in the world and decides to run away to look for answers.

Amy claims that there are some autobiographical aspects to her exhibit. She says that there have often been times where she has personally felt the anxiety of feeling out of place in the world.  She said that the character’s struggle to hang on to childhood memories while embracing becoming an adult is also something that she has directly dealt with.  She thinks that holding onto childhood memories is important but so is moving on into the future.

I really liked the 3d models that were used for this exhibit.  I thought the idea of telling a fairy tale through dioramas instead of pictures was more captivating.  I thought that the interactivity was a welcome addition as well.  The levers allowed the person looking to manipulate certain aspects of the dioramas.

Overall I was very impressed by what I saw at this exhibit.  I think that it was a different and unique idea that worked really well.  I thought the story was also a cute fable that seemed to have a lot of personal meaning behind it.


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