Week 11 – Artist Conversation

This week I chose to do my artist conversation on the gallery by Nichole Borgo.  Nichole’s art is done entirely on ceramic bricks.  Her art usually consists of faces or hand gestures. I feel like the whole exhibit has a very clean, modern look, which in this instance really appealed to me.  I think it’s something about the earth tones that are used that make it visually appealing.

Nichole claims that her work is based on her own past experiences, leaving a trail of fragmented parts of her memories.  She says that the look is inspired by old photographs and polaroids.  This makes sense given the muted blue color thats used throughout many of her paintings.  She also said that the hand gestures that represent both romantic and friendly relationships.  She says that are meant to illicit memories that convey one of the five senses.  One last thing she told me is that she is fascinated by the permanence of a photograph vs how a memory deteriorates.  I found this to be an interesting thought .

Most of her paintings have a faded polaroid look to them.  This is mostly achieved by using that light blue color that they seem to turn after a while.  I think the Idea of having a gallery that represents fragments of past memories is really compelling.  I also enjoy it when people find new materials to paint on other than just canvas.  The ceramic bricks are an excellent choice.

Again, there is something about the colors used in these pieces that appeal to me.  I think it’s that I like organic looking earth tones.  Overall I really enjoyed this exhibit and I hope that you find the pictures interesting as well.


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