Week 12 – Artist Conversation

For this week’s artist conversation, I chose to talk about the gallery by Patrick Williams.  There were a lot of really well done galleries this week so it was hard to choose what to write about.  This gallery really caught my attention, however, so I chose to write about this one.  I felt that it’s use of realism and abstract art was really interesting.

Patrick says that he’s fascinated by physical vs digital imagery.  He said that his paintings are supposed to embrace the limitations of being a physical weather than digital painting.  He says that the colorful brush strokes are supposed to relate to abstract expressionism.   This is a very interesting choice given that the painting underneath is nearly photorealistic.  He thinks that it’s intriguing that a digital image can be altered by multiple people indefinitely, while a physical painting can’t be altered so quickly.

These are among some of the most visually interesting paintings that I’ve seen in the galleries this far.  I think what makes these paintings so interesting is the contrast in styles.  There is a realistic  component and abstract, almost digital, component to each painting.  The realistic portion depicts what looks like greek statues and these are extremely well rendered.

The more abstract portions of the paintings invoke a sort of photoshop element to each painting.  These portions are also really well done and interesting. I think that the use of color in these parts really make the image pop.  Overall, I was highly impressed by what I saw in this week’s galleries and particularly this gallery.


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