Week 13 – Artist Conversation

For this week’s artist conversation I decided to write about Selvatica by Lauren Lopez.  I found this exhibit interesting for many reasons, but I was most intrigued by her choice in colors.  Lauren chose the title Selvatica because it means wild, which is a running theme throughout her exhibit.  Her works are all based on nature and the jungle.

She said that jungles are her inspiration.  They grow and sustain all kinds of life that she said she finds interesting.  She is also interested by the patterns that show up in nature as well.  She claims that how time causes nature to grow and change is also an inspiration.  She loves the idea of plants and animals coming together to create one large and diverse organism.

She says that her work uses patterns and colors to create a narrative about the world she has painted.  In my opinion, her choices of colors are excellent.  She uses flat pastel and more vibrant colors to create her paintings.  They have really nice contrast and I feel like the colors really pop on some of these paintings.  They have an organic feel to them because of the untamed nature imagery used.

Overall, I think that her paintings are really beautiful and I enjoyed seeing them.   I love how the paintings feel alive and vibrant.  I think it’s her choice of colors that really brings it all together.



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